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District Visionary Contest

This is not contest but an opportunity for every citizen of the district to express and share their thoughts, ideas, and action plans about how to enrich the quality and raise the standard of life of every townmate in their district so that generations to come can enjoy better lifestyle.
This is possible if you are given an opportunity to be the head of your district, or President of District (Zilla Adhyaksh) where you will have all the options to think about the district growth roadmap.
Consider for a moment that you are given an opportunity to redesign, reshape and reform your hometown district, then what would you do. What would you do to create new or transform the existing aspects of your hometown district.
Here are few examples –
 Culture,
 Infrastructure,
 Ways to celebrate festivals,
 Governance systems,
 Public facilities,
 Use of advance technologies,
 Use of natural resources,
 Use of local human skills & intelligence and so on.
There are many ways to make difference in the quality and standard of social life in your hometown.
Expressing your thoughts and ideas on this platform will lead to a constructive use of those ideas. The readers of this platform will not only read your suggestions but will also express their opinions and perceptions on those thoughts which will assist in making the ideas foolproof and practically usable. Different aspects of each plan can be discussed with experts from other areas commenting over the
issue and thus a perfect solution can be found.
So, what are you waiting for? Open up, imagine yourself as the Mayor of your city and let others know what you would do to bring the change in your own city. Your views will inspire thousands of others to express their unique ideas and plans which will surely help in turning our city in the ideal city we want.

Submit your plan here to share with your other townmates to get their opinion and suggestions.
While the vision plan is for the social and economic growth of the district, we see that this attempt may also benefit you for your personal career growth. Here is how;

  1. The roadmap of your vision plan may attract the attention of any company
    from the district or outside to consider you for the career opportunity (offer a job)
    in their new or existing venture.
  2. This vision plan may help a college student to showcase their intellectual and
    managerial capabilities to envision the growth plan of any industry. This vision
    plan may also serve as the testimony for any company to understand the
    personality and potential of candidate before their interview happens. It may
    happen that the Company interviewer may use this Visionary plan in the
    candidate’s interview to aid in their decision.
  3. It is possible that some Government agencies or private companies may invite
    you for further discussion on your vision plan.
  4. You may find like-minded townmates around the world to work as a team on
    your district vision plan.
    Prove Your Qualification for Manager Position after College Graduation by
     Conceiving – the multidimensional vision plan for district growth.
     Convincing – your townmates and Govt. authorities.
     Creating – The team.
     Executing– The program.
  5.  Updating – your resume with the benefits delivered by your vision plan.
  6. So put your thoughts together and participate in the District Visionary Contest
  7. and win District Visionary Award.

    Note: There may be cash award if we get District Vision Partners.

Contest Status

The contest winners will be announced on May 10, 2023.

Rules And Process

Rules :

  2. The rights to approve/reject ….etc. ………we will get the write up on legal discliamer from our legal team.

Process :

  1. Participant will submit their visionary plan
  2. TownSol admin will review the article to ensure that the content satisfies the basic requirements of acceptance.
  3. The article will be displayed on the page, if approved.
  4. Readers/Users will read and rate the article from 1 to 10. (1 is worst and 10 is best.)
  5. The average of all ratings for each article/candidate will be calculated. The candidate who has maximum average score will be the winner of District Visionary Award.

Competition Leaderboard

Who will take the crown? Find out when the final leaderboard for “Best Pune District Visionary Award !” is revealed on Sept 25, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

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