There are many villages and towns in every district that need social welfare projects. Even though it is often expected, it is not possible for government machinery to cover all the needs. Sometimes, some projects need sincere volunteers who are dedicated to the cause. Hence it is necessary that townmates from the district should also contribute to many social projects. 

Please refer to the list of projects below and find project/s of your choice to get involved with. We strongly believe that every townmate should support such social projects from their own hometown district rather than projects anywhere else in the world.   

If you have been thinking about any such social project/s but have not found like-minded townmates to initiate and support the project, then TownSol is the platform to get the energetic support you have been looking for.

Create a profile of your dream social project or initiative to add to the list below and we can appeal to all townmates, local and global, to share their thoughts.